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BY xCaptainx

Ahoy hoy. I took ownership of two Kiesel Vader 6 guitars which I love and wanted to share some pics.

Maple Neck/Alder Body
Plain maple top
Satin Matte Finish in Seafoam Green
5 piece maple neck w/ purple heart stripes
Zebrawood fretboard
Kiesel K12B and N Passive Pickups

The 7 string is 27" scale. The 6 string is standard.

There were two things I wanted to achieve with these builds.

Firstly, This has been my first foray into headless guitars or anything outside of a 'standard' look. I've never gone for exotic wood, multi scales etc so I wanted to combine the cool 'modern' look of a Vader with a timeless, classic finish. I like the juxtaposition of seafoam green with the Vader design.

The only deviation from that 'classic' look for me was the Zebrawood fretboard, simply because I was genuinely curious as to how it feels. My initial assumptions I think are right; it's very much an ideal middle ground between maple and rosewood. Plus the wood grain just looks really nice!

Secondly, I've ALWAYS wanted a matching 6 and 7 string guitar. I've always had one of each at some point of my career and always felt a bit frustrated at dealing with wildly different designs, wood type, pickups etc.

I love the fact that these both feel, play and sound VERY similar. I can just pick up and switch guitars when I want, without too much fuss or bother with tone.



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BY jeremyb
^proud dad smile :mrgreen:

Awesome guitars man, how you finding the tuners? are they precise enough?
BY xCaptainx
Yeah they are super solid. Did my first string change a few days ago.

Which in itself was a surprisingly easy thing to do! The nut at the top acts just like a floyd rose. Clamp it down, cut the strings at the top.

You simply unscrew the tuning pegs on the hipshot bridge at the bottom which then moves the slot forward where the strings clamp into.

Super easy to do and very stable.

Love the lack of weight on the head too. Super, super comfortable to play.
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BY jeremyb
Ahhhh cool, didn't realise it was a hipshot, nice, their stuff rocks!
BY foal30
Well done
The gear ratios on the Steinberger bridge was many times better than traditional headed instruments.
Do you 'feel' the differing scale lengths in your left hand?