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BY Slowy
jeremyb wrote:I think it's our duty (or dootie if you're in 'murica) to find Conway a G guitar he will like!

That's awful, JB.
Yet strangely compelling.
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BY Single coil
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BY werdna
Conway wrote:
Molly wrote:Conway! Malcolm just listed YOUR G guitar.

Edit: Damn... $40 shipping. Could stretch to the $10k but not quite the extra $40. ... 673756.htm

Why the hell did they make the back of it purple?! And I don't like the maple board with those block inlays. :thumbdown:

And why put the good wood on a Custom, which has always had a more limited top range, and not a Standard? Not doubt it weighs too much as well. Dicks.
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HackSaw wrote:Image

Stunner! (or something)

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BY jeremyb
HackSaw wrote:Image

Stunner! (or something)

I think it's a little too understated for him....