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BY dayl
Nothing like putting in the work and breathing new life into a gat. Would be rude not to share a pic.

This bad boy has been case sleeping for close to a year now. Today I took it out and completely stripped it apart. Then gave it all a good cleaning, from brushed trem to steel wooled frets and oiled fretboard. Finally got around to setting it up with 11-65 in A standard. Feels good and sounds better.


Thats one down, one more to go before the weekends up hopefully. :thumbup:
I wish I could have snagged this when it was up.
Will just leave this here too...

Complete rework. Fretboard cleaned and conditioned, frets polished, PG Rewired for Active pups with new components throughout, trem adjusted and neck shimmed for beautiful action.

JHorner wrote:Is that a 1U power amp? Tube or solid state?
Nice and light? How many watts?

Yup. ADA Microtube 100. Solidstate with 2x 12ax7 in the mix for the presence control I think.

50w at 4ohms in stereo or 100w bridged mono at 8ohm