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BY Rickyswoop
Hi guys.

Does anyone know who owns The Amp Shop?
I bought a pedal from them about a month ago but it hasn't arrived, he won't reply to emails or answer phone calls.
I'm trying to get a refund through paypal but when I submitted a complaint he sent me a patch lead so that he could say to them that the pedal has been delivered!
Does anyone know how I can find this scumbag?

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BY sirvill
Aye aye aye this is gonna be good :(

Yes we all know who he is... and some people probably know whats up with the guy.

Did you buy on the website, or on Trademe?
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BY jeremyb
Oh dear, I'd love to know whats happened with Ryan, he must've gone off the rails for some reason, he was always such an epic great guy to deal with, really sad to hear things have gone downhill :(
BY foal30
Yeah he sorted me well and good
Patient and helpful

Hoping things pick up and Rickyswoop gets his gear
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BY Reg18
Had good dealings with him in the past but he seems to have gone off the grid these days. I've been trying to get hold of him in the last week but nothing!
BY Rickyswoop
I don't mean to publicly shame the guy but I've run out of options and he's not gonna get away with stealing my money.
If he refunds me or sends the pedal then I'll take down this thread...
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BY Molly
Nothing but great dealings with Ryan. Can't explain what's happened but I'm sure it'll come right.
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BY Timoes
Wow ! Had many exellent super deals with Ryan. Hope the guy is all good .... ? Seems way out of character.
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sadly its no longer out of character :(
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Molly wrote:Paracetamol's ok.

Still massive overdose numbers with paracetamol, but I digress.

Always had good dealings with Ryan (non-drugs). Hope you manage to get hold of him and get this sorted.
BY foal30
Bg wrote:sadly its no longer out of character :(

Fark. Meth wreck?
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