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BY Molly
GrantB wrote:1973 Les Paul Custom 54RI LE. Complete with bent tail piece from 43 years of string tension.


I love this guitar. :thumbup:
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BY GrantB
Bg wrote:
GrantB wrote:
Bg wrote: Its always amazing when guitarists whinge about weight when bass players are just expected to do it ;)

True - ours put on 14 kilos over Xmas and didn’t grizzle one bit.

get your coat...

I’m at the door already...
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BY jimi
Bg wrote:
Polar Bear wrote: I love it, and despite the weight will happily play it for a 4 hour gig.

Its always amazing when guitarists whinge about weight when bass players are just expected to do it ;)

My LP weighs a shit tonne more than either of my basses. Can do a whole gig on the jazz easy, but my back only lasts a set on the LP.
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meh, thats a metric tonne of LP then!
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BY Polar Bear
Molly wrote:
Polar Bear wrote:Many, many pounds/KGs. I don't have scales at home, but it's a beast.

That surprises me. Bet it's not that heavy compared to some.

It's the second heaviest LP I've ever picked up, so technically, you'd be correct. Couldn't care less about the weight though.
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BY GrantB

This is technically a Les Paul.
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BY Slowy
Molly wrote:
GrantB wrote:Image

Pure porn.

Fixed ;-)

Fixed proper.
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BY SimonHirst
Been demoing new songs over the last month or so and quickly took this the other day! I'm not an overly sentimental type person but this guitar has a bit of a special story. After both my grandparents passed away I was given a bit of money as an inheritance. I grew up thinking goldtop LPs were the most amazing guitars, and as I got in to Split Enz it became a Deluxe. Anyway, long story short I'd saved enough that when I got it I thought this was a very fitting guitar to remember them by. Thanks to grantb, and misterb for playing their respective roles :thumbup:

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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Have posted it in other threads but not this one, so here's mine...



2014 Gibson LP Traditional, 120th Anniversary. 4.2kg on my bathroom scales.
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