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BY SimonHirst
Here’s a full shot! As I said to Grant. Ugly in the best kind of way :thumbup:
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BY 3Cords
Small before and after of current project...

45 years old and was found in a op shop in Melbourne, Nicknamed the Boomerang as took me 4 years to finish as it got "lost" by the kid who was the painter and basically was such a mess I had to start again.

basically Other than the body and neck it all had to be replaced, and it sounds pretty sweet....

but unfortunately the Neck is a little bit out of shape as has had no string tension on it for many years, but will give it 6 months and if might have to ask for some professional help once everything settled down... she not perfect but she is unique

Picks are virtual Dimarizo Virtual P90s Neck and middle and Tonezone in the Bridge, gotoh Hardware mostly, Supplied by Ash

Standard 5 way switch, on tone is a Push pull to split all pickups and other tone Knob is a on/off switch to turn on the bridge pickup no matter where the 5 way switch is....

and Yes I'm back in the country now, Back in Whangarei

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