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BY werdna
Loved that video.

Ash said to me once that guitars are aesthetically out of step with other tech in that they still show screws. The new HP Les Pauls don't have visible screws on the front side, except for the truss rod cover. I've said this before here but they look good enough to buy.
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BY GrantB
foal30 wrote:Tronocil sues Gibson
That tuner thing will never go away

Just another bad Henry decision. There will be more.
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BY WellyBlues
well, shit just got weirder if you ask me. and 3 posts above, Gibson is now suing Tronocil. Shits getting weird.
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BY el byrdo
As much as I despise joe bonermassive he's gotta be a better owner than that idiot whose name escapes me!
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BY godgrinder
#783624 ... _source=FB

The filings will allow the Company's Musical Instruments and Professional Audio businesses to continue to design, build, sell, and manufacture legendary Gibson and Epiphone guitars, as well as KRK and Cerwin Vega studio monitors and loud speakers, without interruption. As part of this process, Gibson will wind-down operations of its Gibson Innovations business which includes its Philips consumer electronics subsidiary. The acquisition of Philips' electronic division in 2014 is viewed as a major source of the Gibson's illiquidity over the past several years.

Probably the best that could've happened.

It's easy to hate on Henry but wasn't Gibson in even worse shape than now when he took over in the 80's?
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BY GrantB
jeremyb wrote:Image

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BY Miza
werdna wrote:Imagine Gibson under JB. Next year's Gibson model range: only historic '58s, '59s and '60s. Just what the doctor ordered.

I've actually thought for a long time that's exactly what Gibson should be doing. Just keep making reissues of all their classics.

It's kinda what Fender are doing...

Leave innovation to the PRS's of this world :lol:
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