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BY ReturntoIilos
Lucky for me, I bought a CS-250 off a dude from work. The bridge was replaced by a Floyd Rose type tremelo. Not sure if he did it, or someone else did. Being 34 years old, who knows how many owners its had. Obviously with a Floyd Rose, they also added a locking nut, which, unfortunately, obscures the nameplate. I am actually not entirely sure if its a 250 or a 350. I assume its a 250 just because of the color and what colors were offered for the different models.

Outside of the tremelo, everything else is original. I do need new tuning heads, and might also replace the pots. I want to keep the original pick-ups, so I plan on dipping them in wax. I really dig this guitar though.

I've tried out various guitars at Guitar Center, but many of them just don't feel right. I did use my buddies ESP with Active Pick-ups for a show once, that was amazing. It just seems like Guitar Center doesn't really have anything fantastic. I do like Telecasters, but for now, I think I got lucky with picking up the Aria.
BY Jamal_amin
Hi. Anyone managed to get aria pro cs saddle replacement? I have 1 broken saddle and it seems impossible to find a replacement.
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BY Terexgeek
Hey, I have a Aria Pro II that I shimmed the bridge on with a chunk of Black Maire to lift it, allowing graph tech bridge pieces to be swapped in. I also milled slots in the bridge and got Adrian to slot the wood underneath. The result was the string's ball end touched the ferrule then the bridge piece then next stop the nut. No more string breaking and with locking tuners and graph tech nut, no tuning hassles at all.