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BY Slowy
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This has just arrived in my office. It belongs to a colleague who has had it for 20 years. He arrived last year from South Africa and the airline has really done a number on the poor thing.

2 machine heads snapped off: Not a problem because I'm pretty sure Gotohs will drop straight in.

2 saddles broken. This is the issue. They are nasty pot metal things and replacement would be a bonus. But I've never seen anything like them. Anybody got some info or know who I should talk to? I've had a look at the Matsmoku website but it didn't help.

The guitar itself is not bad. Ash body, looks like 4 piece, straight neck but a bit too much fretwear around the cowboy chords to give credibility to the owner's claims of being a Metaller. :P Definitely worth resurrecting.
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BY danrawkz
Have an old fucked up CS250 here, pretty ugly imo, but used to play well back in the day before the saddles broke
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BY Slowy
danrawkz wrote:Have an old fucked up CS250 here, pretty ugly imo, but used to play well back in the day before the saddles broke

Got any saddles left? :D
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BY Slowy
nzsimon1 wrote:I had one of these many moons ago I was pretty happy with it at the time

Any ideas on where to get saddles? :D
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BY Slowy
nzsimon1 wrote:sadly no could try bungalow bills he must have a bit of a collection of old stuff

Blinding Flash of the Obvious!
Brilliant. Thanks Simon :D
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BY Slowy
OpenCoil wrote:Are the saddles or their spacing really that unusual? If they're shit pot metal ones, why not replace them with some of the usual bent steel ones, which are much better? ... &category=

Good question. I haven't measured anything but a quick look wasn't encouraging. I'll have to get the owner to leave it with me for a while.
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BY WellyBlues
Or you could call Weta Guitars in Wellington. They're workshop-only these days. Might have something in a bin somewhere.
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BY Slowy
teearraceewye wrote:Hi All! Just wondering if ANYONE has found replacement saddles that work, original or modified ... really desperate here .. alas the pride of my fleet sits idle .. thanks in advance for ANY leads -Tracy

Still working on it. I have a bunch of measurements to compare and just haven't got round to it yet. Watch this space.

And welcome to the Forum Tracy. :D

So you have a CS-350 as well?
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BY Slowy
As best as I can measure. (In mm)

Aria Saddles:
L 17
W 10
H 9
E-E 52

Graphtech Saddles
L 20.7
W 10.41
H 5.84
E-E 52.73

I'm guessing the killer is the length of the Graphtechs. That extra 3.7 mm leaves no space for intonation.

Any insights appreciated, but I'm not confident enough to blow $75 on the off chance.