Lets all drool over your stuff :)

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BY Molly
It really is. Wonder why it's not become a lifelong companion for any of us. Is it the 'perfect' problem? Do things have to be flawed before we'll fall in love with them?
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BY Single coil
Tidied up the board. Largely flat eq on the amp seems to bring out the best in different guitars... Weird how that works.
Vacuumed it too.


... And here we are.


The keen eyed amongst you will notice the blue lead goes from guitar to amp; I have everything running in the effects loop to great effect :shifty:

Send >> GE7 (mid boost; lead boost) >> big muff >> compressor >> tuner >> DD20Return.

I guess now I can look for a more tolerable (ya know, smaller :shh: ) amp with two channels and a loop and we're away laughing.
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BY SimonHirst
After another full on year of gigging and recording, and with just three gigs left this year of which this stuff won't be needed, I got out the electric gear to give it the usual input clean etc for the few scratchy inputs/cables. This setup has probably done more recording work than gigs this year but it still has had a huge workload, so kudos to all the brand's of pedals on this board because I have very, very few problems ever with it. And it's usually just the typical scratchy pots with dirt/dust in them.
I'm always extremely appreciative of gear that just keeps working! :thumbup:

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BY rickenbackerkid
Current Rig as it stands . . . Since I last posted in this thread I've been through some major revisions, mostly in playing style. Nowdays I'm using flatwounds, a thumbpick, and I'm using far less delay that ever before. No where left to hide now!


The RV-3 splits to 2, one goes to the Sansamp for silent playing at home, one to the amp for noisy stuff. I like to set the amp/sansamp to a slightly overdriven sound, and play just like that as much as possible. The Hotcake is really only for single note lead stuff.
I have only been playing occasionally in church, but got a couple of possible musical things that might happen, so I'm pretty stoked at the idea of playing gigs again.
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BY Single coil
One assumes you like to be sure you are in fact in tune also. :wink:
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Molly wrote:Congrats. Might be ex me and Ed too for that matter.

Village bisuhrcle?
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BY Slowy
Molly wrote:It really is. Wonder why it's not become a lifelong companion for any of us. Is it the 'perfect' problem? Do things have to be flawed before we'll fall in love with them?

I would have said definitely yes until my Doozy, which feels like perfection in my hands. I have never been so completely besotted with any guitar in my entire life.

Yet I have dismissed Suhrs a couple of times as, 'Utterly perfect....Boring' which is ridiculous. They are brilliant instruments.
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BY Single coil
Sneaky simple post with new guitar and my first attempt at modifying something to be something else.


Yes, that is my entire board. The big pedal case is sorta overkill, but it's what I've got.
Not pictured (because you've seen them all before):
The viper, the aria, and the red wtf guitar.
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BY Molly
Strictly speaking not my whole setup. Just the stuff I've brought in from a very cold garage. Not shown: Partscaster (in bits again), Z and THD cabs, Takamine acoustic.


Martin 12 string, Walden six string, R7 with OX4s, Wildwood Strat (was sold - now not sold), PRS P90 McCarty trem, Radian Tele. Amps: Tone King Imperial and Mesa Rectoverb.

Trying a couple of different overdrive pedals with the Imperial. The Dude sounds great through it.
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that radian just looks out of place, like a poor relation. ignore olegs plees, you know it should rightfully be mine.....

oh fuck it, I'll just make one :(

The goldtop is hot though :)
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