Lets all drool over your stuff :)

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BY Voxshall
I'm always interested in peoples guitar/amp/effects combinations.

56 Fender Relic Strat, LP Std, 1973 100watt Superlead, mid 60's AC30TB, Teese RMC3LE, Diamond comp, Hotcake, Analogman TS808TV, TC electronic Booster, Captain Coconut 2, MXR phase 90, Boss DM-2, Boss DD-7 (Controlled by a Gigrig Pro 14).

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BY rocklander
where's your PA and mic?
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BY Hot_Grits
Here's what I took out on tour a couple of weeks ago:

Tele custom and Victoria Double Deluxe:


Here's the tour pedalboard: Korg pitchblack - crybaby - Digitech synth wah - G2D Classic - Clarry built tonebender mk2 clone - MI Boost'n'buff - TC Nova Modulation - TC Nova Reverb. The postcard is to give an idea of scale.


Other stuff:

DeArmond Starfire, main Defendants and sometime Hot Grits guitar. That's my Mesa Blue Angel head in the background:


...and my Reverend Flatroc, which aslo went out on tour:


..there's assorted other guitars, amps and junk, but that's the work stuff.
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BY Vorbis
The pic makes the Heilo look quite dark...it actually looks pretty cool like that...
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