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BY Kev77
ImageNew small fry board. Delays into the blender to mix parallel with the reverb and other delays.
The 80tape has modulation and boost, and the adineko is so
All in a tidy lid off style hard case . Cioks underneath and unseen. I ended up reversing the pedals to make the lid close better.
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Here's what I have going on on on the floor, not pictured is the delay(s). Hopefully should get my tape echo unit back from being repaired this week, aside from that one I am running an early 90's Maxon AD80 analog delay which sits last in the chain :thumbup:

BY Candeevr4
New Setup. Signal is tuner - Keeley - Orion - Judge - Katana - Carbon Copy & Yellow Fall in the loop. All going in and out of the Mod 1 v2. Have two Korg OD-K1's to build and parts for a BE-OD/Dirty Shirley clone on the way.
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