Lets all drool over your stuff :)

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BY jeremyb
Better picture, no more wireless tuner either....

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jeremyb wrote:Butt shot!


Lloks great. I bought some of those clips - they're awesome - they're still sitting in the packet and unlikely to be used due to my laziness!!!!
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BY HackSaw
So I arranged my pedals, plugged the midi cables into all the midi pedals, turned them on, and then went to the ES-5 manual to start programming that stuff in.

That terrified me, so turned it all off, arranged again and measured up for some wood shopping at Bunnings. The wood work bit I should be okay with...

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BY jimi

Not quite the anti-spaceship, but this is about as complex as I can handle without my tapdancing impacting my playing.

Love the DLS and been really impressed with the Red Witch micro delay. On the fence about the RV5 and Cusack screamer though, might be on the look out for another bluesy lead boost pedal soon.
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