Lets all drool over your stuff :)

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BY jeremyb
Nice one Molly, I put those pickups in my Tele and love them, the twisted neck gives a lovely strat tone for leads!!
Nice buy Molly, good to see your family are derailing you too much and you still have your priorities in order :clap:

When I finally get round to getting myself a Tele, unless the stock ones are great I think I 'll be plumping for a set of Joe Barden pickups. Have been a fan of Gatton for ages so it seems like the logical decision
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BY Dharmajester
Molly wrote:
Dharmajester wrote:I like the look of the 52 goldtop sitting on your head.

$15k price tag on that but it looked as cool as fuck. There was a young guy looking it over when I arrived. I assumed he'd just been signed. LOL

Fuck I'd have jumped on that. Luverly old piece of wood an all.
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BY Miza
Danger Mouse wrote:
Miza wrote:I like the look of the Baja teles (pronounced "Baha" I think)

Yes the badger teles are quite different.


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BY olegmcnoleg
Dharmajester wrote:I like the look of the 52 goldtop sitting on your head.

I checked that out yesterday... I’m also in CA. Super nice, changed bridge, with better intonation. Am trying to find somewhere in LA where I can sell a kidney...

I must have tried out 20 acoustics yesterday, I’m looking for something special that’s already played in/opened up.
Despite all the old Martins and every conceivable Taylor being available, the best guitar by a fair margin was a well-used Eastman D acoustic. I would have bought it, but the bridge was lifting. :-(