Lets all drool over your stuff :)

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BY chrisbower
NAD! Mesa Dual Rectifier Roadster.

I traded my Dual rectifier 3 channel to a local guy a few months back and despite it's inherent fizziness, I missed the balls and voicing of the Recto. The guy I traded it with also had this Dual Rectifier Roadster that somehow found it's way to a close friend of mine a few weeks back. My friend was showing interest in my 8 string that I was thinking of selling, and so a trade was done and now it is with me.

It's essentially a stripped down Roadking with all the bells and whistles, voiced a little darker than your usual Dual Rectifier which I like, and with 4 channels instead of 3.

Super versatile amp!

BY chrisbower
Molly wrote:Fucking hell. That's a lot of knobs!


A good job I'm an amp nymphomaniac! But yeah, 4 channels, 3 modes per channel, assignable reverb to each channel etc. Makes my head hurt just thinking about it all. :crazy: