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BY sty
Michael Schenket
Adrian Smith
Francis Rossi
Gary Moore
Alex Lifeson

Wow that dropped out pretty quick. Obviously I love Hendrix, Jabbs, Randy, etc but I’ll never actually play their stuff :)
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BY WellyBlues
Duane Allman
Eric Clapton
Muddy Waters
Jeff Lang

And a shout out to Lloyd Spiegel, my latest favourite guitarist.

Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes are favourites as well but they are heavily influenced by Duane Allman so he gets the nod.

They all made/make me want to play guitar. And I'd love to play like any or all of them, but that ain't gonna happen. :(
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BY Scooter13
My biggest influences aren't all probably my top 5 guitarists, but they are what shaped my playing as I've learnt most of my fingerings and shapes and picking techniques from them. (never bothered learning all of Tom Morello's effects though...fuck that).

Tony Iommi
Tom Morello
Jimmy Page
James Hetfield
Adrian Smith
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Jimi Hendrix
Pete Townsend
Jack White
Neil Young
Eddie Van Halen
sty wrote:I'm impressed by the number of times Adrian Smith is coming up in these lists :)

I’ll admit I have never heard of him ?!
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I think these things are always a snapshot in time. Or thats how I treat them.
Peter Green
Michael Schenker
Rory Gallagher
Mark Knopfler
Matt Bellamy
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BY willow13
Jake E Lee ... made me want to get a guitar
Randy Rhoads ... made me want to actually learn how to play it
Warren Demartini .... tone, soul, speed
Tony Iommi ... riffs riffs riffs
Yngwie malmsteen/Richie Blackmore ... both so unique. To this day no one sounds like blackmore