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BY Danger Mouse
I only have guitarists I like, as I've always failed miserably to sound anything like any of them. I haven't even so much as stolen a signature lick.

Slash inspired me to learn how to play guitar though.
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BY Single coil
Mark knopfler
Billy corgan
Jon nødtveidt
Robert fripp
Most of the 70s
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BY godgrinder
Dave Chandler
Kevin Shields
Stephen O'Malley
John McEntee
Barry Thomson/Gavin Ward
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BY Olderama
Pete Townshend
John entwistle
Dimbag Darrell
George Lynch
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BY jeremyb
David Gilmour
John Frusciante
Matt Bellamy
Jeff Boyle
Aaron Turner
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BY mttn3
Still I can't really play for shit, I just mess around on guitar so it's not like I would sound like any of these players :) But here are 5 who give me that "i want to play guitar like that" feeling.

Dean Ween,
Yamano Naoko (shonen knife)
Daron Malakian
Zacky Vengeance,
Kawakita Ryou (maximum the hormone).

(Edited. It's really hard to pick a top 5.)
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BY Olderama
Molly wrote:I want to say Masayoshi Yamashita, bass player from Loudness. Mostly I just want to say Yamashita...