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BY willow13
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BY willow13
slowfingers wrote:Billy Gibbons uses 7-38 gauge strings :shock: How is that even possible?!

didn't even know you could get 7's (banjo string maybe??)...he must have a really soft touch
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BY alanp
Larry Amps is Novosibir on the Metroamp site, fairly switched on chappy.

As for Rev Willy G... I'd heard he was a packrat when it came to music gear, but I didn't realise he was THAT much of a packrat!
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BY badmotor
I couldn't watch the Gibbons one with that snare drum soundchecking in the background. Drummers....
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BY badmotor
Pakehendrix wrote:Chill Winston, the drum check only lasts two hours.

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BY Timoes
That guy reminds me of Rik Mayall.
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BY jeremyb
Steve Vai!

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BY druz15
Timoes wrote:That guy reminds me of Rik Mayall.

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BY willow13
Kiss [youtube][/youtube]

kinda cool watch, just wish they would do a "sound" test as well
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