Dodgy rythym and thick strings here...

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BY Vince
jeremyb wrote:Wow thats a stunning instrument, I have no need to aptitude for it but still want it :lol:

Aptitude... fretless bass is nowhere near as hard as people make out. Same goes for double bass. If you can play without looking down, you're well on your way. Playing chords (as in triple or more stops) is understandably more difficult but plain old basslines? They aren't that hard at all.
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BY Kev77
Is say once you can play double bass everything’s easy
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BY Vince
With the solo bass thing, I've always been concerned about the lack of anything above the midrange. I sort of get around it with a lot of harmonics but ultimately, I'm still not happy with it. I've tried harmonizers, I've tried making up high pitched balloon ambient stuff and playing under it. I've seriously considered switching to baritone but my stuff doesn't really work on bari. I've tried running an arpeggiator. I've tried using a looper. I'm always trying stuff out. But the problem is that I like acoustic basses because I can just sit on the couch and play and not have a lot of wires and pedals and crap to deal with. I like Leo Kottke, I liked a lot of classical players. Not a lot of effects there and I'm always a little disappointed when people use a looper, say.

At the same time I've never bonded with my 5 string, Gorgeous bass by Breedlove (though it's an Atlas so not their A List stuff) and it's sat in its case for about 10 years. And then, the other day, it occurred to me that I really have no use for that low B string. So I took it out, moved everything down and put in a top string from a 6 string set. And voiila! I now have a 5 string with a lot of high note possibilities.

Ok, it's not so high pitched that it annoys dogs or anything, but because it's just me playing, it's all relative and it sounds fine. Now I have to re-write some tunes. Next up, I'm getting a spider capo.
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