Dodgy rythym and thick strings here...

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BY foal30
Single coil wrote:
foal30 wrote:But then flats don't like through body stringing.

Do they not?

No. But I need to investigate further

I forgot about the Suhr Fender V auction finishing this afternoon btw... No bids so maybe he will put an offer out.
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BY el byrdo
Been playing my custom fretless. Sounds good with Rio grande.
BY foal30
Anyone know if a Fender pot code starting with R means reissue??

What is best wire and where to purchase from , it's a passive v-v-t early 70's Jazz
BY foal30
Rather than buy more stuff I fixing everything that presently isn't running at full capaticty

I can't believe how much stuff I have that should work better

Cheers guys
BY foal30
Candeevr4 wrote:So this arrived today:


First time with a 5 string and its going to be a bit weird getting used to.

You'll be fine, it's just practice
5 is great If I went back in time I would of started playing with one.
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BY Single coil
Cort stuff devalues quicker than you can say the sentence. It’ll be a great bass though.
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BY el byrdo
foal30 wrote:Did you find out who made that bass

no it's a mystery
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