Dodgy rythym and thick strings here...

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BY Terexgeek
niceguyollie wrote:
foal30 wrote:Anyone had a go on an EHX Soul Food Bass Overdrive?

Yep, I have one and love it. Great transparent drive that doesn’t mess with your amp tone, just dirties it up and pushes it harder. I run it into an Aguilar Tone Hammer 500, and they work well together.

Foal, that sounds like it would go well with your amp.
BY foal30
jeremyb wrote:Can you guys give some good examples of songs with bass using chorus?

Examples maybe not good:

Guns Roses - Sweet Child
Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears
Tool - 46 by 2(?) possibly a flanger btw
Joy Division - 24 Hours
New Order - quite a few
Frank Zappa - Alien Orifice

Lots of fretless bass with chorus
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Geez, that is tidy as!
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BY smallface
foal30 wrote:
smallface wrote:
foal30 wrote:
Never tried an Ibanez pedal

For Bass Chorus I like the Tech 21

I bought the CS-505 back in 1982. 2nd pedal I owned after having an original Ibanez Flying Pan. It's more low-fi than most chorus pedals and has a lush rich slow chorus (if that makes sense). Nice to resurrect it :-)

A Johnny Marr pedal :D

Yes indeedy! Wonderful for bass though. And fretless? yesshhh indeed. :-)
BY foal30
Alice in Chains "Rooster"

There's a Pink Floyd tune with a phaser, possibly Have A Cigar

Police although sometimes Sting would multitrack 2 different Basses aka "King of Pain" is a L2 Steinberger with an Upright

Synchronicity has chorus,
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BY Single coil
Lots of old alice in chains has bass chorus and other shit goin on
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BY jeremyb
What's with the weird vinyl on the helix??
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BY Single coil
Don’t be silly. It’s a cornish board. Don’t you have one?
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BY sirvill
jeremyb wrote:What's with the weird vinyl on the helix??

Scratch/spill protection. Got perspex covers on the screens too.
BY Candeevr4
Currently using my Firehawk FX for my bass, tis quite interesting, though im still trying to work out what the amp models all work out to...
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