Lets hear your sound clips...

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Not a fan of Springsteen, but you guys sound great. Good luck for forging ahead, look like a ton of fun!
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BY dylan
"Candys room" is such an insanely awesome song. Perhaps you could have a Darkness on the edge of town set?
Zaulkin wrote:I hope everyone in this band is using Boss Katanas, pedals and wireless.

you wouldn't believe it, but I read that about 5 times trying to understand what you were getting at :crybaby: haha

also I'm delighted to inform you that myself, Spex on lead guitar and Adrian on bass are all using Boss multiFX processors
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BY Miza
Sounds excellent Ben. Really nice mix too.
It's obvious you've all spent a great deal getting the sound just right. I think there's an audience out there for bands who make the effort to nail it. Good on you guys.
And I hear there's good $$ to be made from tribute bands too. Those Pink Floyd Experience guys seem to tour pretty often?
Cheers, I appreciate that! We have spent a fair bit of time on sounds, tones, etc, which meant when it came to mixing the recording, it was very straight forward. Only took a few passes of the song to dial some compression and EQ and reverb in and I was done.

Yeah, the PFE tour extensively and put on a great show. I'm also in a PF tribute show (www.eclipseband.co.nz) that has done some seriously epic shows, and we have no trouble selling 400 tickets to any given show. Have done a few big outdoor shows and have sold 2000+ tickets before.
If I was to work out what I get paid per hour for all the work I do to make that happen it's probably not a great wage, but it's incredibly fun.

Once I arrived at a show at Black Barn about an hour before the gates were open to find a crowd of maybe 200 people waiting to get in. It was an amazing feeling to know they were coming to enjoy our show. You could not buy that feeling for any money ;-)
BY LucyTheSpud
bbrunskill wrote:holy shit spex can play the guitar! i feel like a beginner next to him haha

He was teaching music when I was at school. Probably the first person to ignite my love of gear. First time I played a real Strat was one of his... pretty sure i broke a string on it :lol: