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BY Single coil
Well the 4*12 wasn't mine (but the ac30 or twin next to it probably was), and ... ok I can't explain the folk music.
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BY Single coil
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BY Single coil
https://soundcloud.com/greyharper/cruci ... odriguez-1

Really enjoying doing the bass bits for some of these songs. Particularly this one - it's just a bunch of fun. Having a copy of an old EB0 helps too I guess.
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BY Single coil
Exhausting the poor quality covers I put up there (on purpose, as a goal to track them properly later on), I've got round to the original side of things ... Where I hope to stay for a while.
Recording high gain stuff is a bit of a pain. It all sounds like fizz. Can anyone help?
The end result (I think) came out ok, but you know, artist always sees the faults etc.


I also redid the Superette cover I think I put up first. It sounds loads better, at least to me.
https://soundcloud.com/greyharper/waves ... nd-version

Here is some other certifiably weird stuff I've put up recently too, if you haven't been put off just yet.

https://soundcloud.com/greyharper/sad-w ... -bad-seeds

https://soundcloud.com/greyharper/jane- ... odriguez-1

https://soundcloud.com/greyharper/man-o ... -pearl-jam

https://soundcloud.com/greyharper/holly ... john-misty

Took a bit of a chance on this one - Not sure if anyone likes coldplay but ya know.
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BY Single coil
I put a lot of effort into this one.
It was fun to record, but also very difficult after the whole thing somehow stepped outta time and required complete refuckulation.


End result?
One of the better ones.
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BY jeremyb
Wow, you sound just like him dude!
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BY Single coil


I wish I had the range he did.
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BY Single coil

Everything on there has been edited sos to sound better and tidier, and in some cases re recorded completely.

The playlists have also been arranged so they have some semblance of structure, rather than songs just chucked anywhere.
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BY Single coil
Gave myself a bit of a scare earlier today - thought I was writing a pop song by some unfortunate celestial error.

I wasn't.

https://soundcloud.com/greyharper/sets/ ... perimental

The result morphed into the opener, and now I feel the 4 songs work as a whole.
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BY Single coil
Aaaaand here’s what the pop song idea evolved into.


There is also a sort of closing track so the “ep” is now bookended.
I think it all works quite well, given my rather ad hoc approach and minimal experience.
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BY Single coil

An interim gap filler, until such time as the “album” is ready to go.