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Here's the dilemma. My '78 Maton has a built-in pickup, not sure if it's UST or Piezo, but it sounds ok (typical compressed, quacky sound). Over the summer I acquired a LR Baggs M1a, an active magnetic soundhole pickup (what Gilmour uses 8) ). With a moderate amount of EQing, the M1 does sound better, but after a bit of A/B testing, I decided I like the sound of both blended together, which I am able to do thanks to the dual inputs of the Radial Tonebone PZ Pre.

Since the Maton already has an endpin jack (mounted on a rather large steel plate) I'm not sure where to install the second one for the M1. I could put it above or below, or around the corner where an electric gat's jack would be. Or, I could source a stereo jack and replace the one that's there. But this would mean I'd need to use a stereo instrument cable and some kind of stereo signal splitter box on my board?

Keen for advice, or better ideas. Cheers.

TL;DR version: I have two pickups in my acoustic and need a jack for each but not sure if they'll fit. Should I make em fit or use a stereo jack+cable?

mrmofo wrote:if the guitar requires Phantom Power the earth is split by the jack to provide power to the piezo.

you might get around it if both are active and you install a blend pot.

Doesn't need phantom power no. The orig pickup takes a 9V battery, and the M1a takes a little button battery.
I can do the mixing at the pre-amp, but I will need to get a stereo>mono cable, or a stereo cable and a Y splitter box, as the Radial has two mono inputs:
mrmofo wrote:oh cool, so all you need to do is solder in a switch to cut the 9v power off when the guitar is unplugged.

Ahh, ok, thanks for the advice. I wouldn't have realised (and would have ended up with flat batteries).

I was wondering why the little 3.5mm jack that plugs into M1 pickup is a TRS jack, so that would explain it.

I might be seeking some professional help at some point. For the guitar that is.
olegmcnoleg wrote:Hmmm, at this point I’m thinking you might be better off in the long run just getting one good pickup system. There are far better options now that either of the ones you have?

Yeah, maybe. But that would require even more investment.
I do admit I was a bit swept up with the glowing reviews of the M1, but in reality it's not a perfect solution on its own. And needs a lot of EQing to get it to sound good.
So I think I need one of these TRSS jacks to run two pickups and a switch for the batteries:

On the plus side, it turns out input 1 on the Radial PZ-Pre accepts a TRS jack! :thumbup: So I won't need a stereo>mono splitter box on my board.

Does anyone have a spare TRSS jack lying around, or no where in NZ I could get one?