Pickups, Pots, Caps, Wiring

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Alright, I’m lookin for more fun wiring help.

The standard dot wiring (in my cherry beloved) is:
Two HBs,
Volume per pickup,
Tone per pickup,
3 way switch,
Output jack.

Unfortunately it uses 60s style wiring, which isn’t my favourite (unless the pickups are hot as).

Given I have four control slots, I want to try the gretsch style wiring:
Neck volume,
Bridge volume,
Master volume (my main motivation),
Master tone.

This also uses 60s style (where the cap is between out of tone pot and ground, rather than between volume out and tone in).

So, two questions:

1) is the gretsch master volume style wiring as straight forward as it looks?

2: will it play the game if I go for 50s style wiring?

I’m going to use relatively low output pickups - 7.0K ish alnico 5s; I’ll tear into it once the rest of the hardware gets here although I’m really quite enjoying how the thing is behaving at the moment.