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BY Aquila Rossa
As per the title, I am am pondering converting my four wire SD WLH set to two wire. The original Gibson pups were two wire and it seemed like I lost something when I pulled them. Is that a thing?

If so, how do i go about it if I decide to do it?
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BY JHorner
Sounds like wiring gone wrong not a 2/4 thing.

e.g. I have a 4 wire 57 bridge in a les paul and a 2 wire 57 bridge in an Aria.

They both sound similar except that when the coil split is engaged on the 4 wire it sounds neutered.
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There is no major difference here either. I went to lighter strings, so I can't say for sure what is what.

Mostly I just do not like those flimsy little wires that come with modern 4 conductor wire pups. I like the old school braided stuff soldered to the pots. Looking at tutes for converting two wire to four, it seems quite involved, so the reverse probably would be too. Thinking about it because the wires on the neck pup barely reached the pot, so it needs sorting out - so considering which way to go on it seeming as i have to change wires anyway.

p.s. even if I just replace the four wire that are too short now with new stuff, that is new for me and will need pointers.
Won’t be pretty, but, extend the wires you need and away you go.

Iirc duncan join red + white with black as hot and green as ground.
Yeah they’re flimsy, but I mean. Once extended you can pretend it’s 2c :3