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BY Aquila Rossa
i have bought a 1997 Les Paul Studio and want to swap the pickups. The Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta Humbucker set has chrome covers. The Gibson has gold hardware that has that nice worn look old Customs have where most of the gold has rubbed off. I am thinking it might be an idea to swap the pickup covers. Would there be any issues like glue instead of solder or different fit etc to look out for?

edit. I was hankering for a SG, but this will do. The price was right. If I can polish the frets and do a setup to get it to sound and play as well as a good SG or Les Paul Standard, I am not fussed for the extra bling that means extra cost. Yeah, i am putting mustard caps in it. Not because they sound better. But because they have a good kick and troll factor to them :)

I did not get on with the PRS SE 245 I bought here. Nice tone with the SD pups, but I did not like the feel of it. Kind of like having a girlfriend you are not so into. It did not give me the urge to play. The SD WLH pickups are awesome though. i really like them
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BY jaxman16
Aquila Rossa wrote:Kind of like having a girlfriend you are not so into.

Hahaha, nice analogy there.
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BY sizzlingbadger
Pole spacing will need to be the same, I would go with solder not glue so you get the proper screening properties of the covers.
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BY Lyle
I've swapped some and just used solder. The wax melted a bit which also holds everything together.