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BY slash-ed
I just picked up a blonde Squier '51. Remember they were quite popular around here at one point. I was always interested in the funky mish mash look but never picked one up at the time for whatever reason.

It badly needs a clean and a tweak, but I thought I'd do a quick survey first - to those of you who do/did own a '51, what mods did you do, and which ones were or weren't worth the effort?
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BY Kloppsta
Awesome! I have always wanted one of these :mrgreen:

I have a Squier Classic Vibe 60's strat that i have upgraded a lot. It is a stunningly nice guitar and i enjoy the play ability and tone as much or more than any other USA Fender i have owned, including my various Deluxe and Deluxe Plus strat's from the early 90's.

Upgrades are:

- Guitar Fetish solid steel tremolo block + springs
- Gotoh magnum locking tuners
- Obsidian Wire Custom Blender electronics
- Copper pickup cavity and pick guard shielding
- 3-ply mint pick guard

I really like the stock pickups which have been confirmed to be a Tonerider Classic Blues set. They are quacky and juicy and just yummy all round! :thumbup:

Andries from the Fret Shop has put his magic touch on the neck and frets and set it all up with 11-52's and it is a wonderful guitar. LOVE it :)