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wow....Living Color at the San Fran.

Why this band is now playing such small venues is beyond me. Great show - played all the hits and more. Vernon Reid was his weird super fast self, and Corey sings like, well Corey!.
For me the Stars were the rhythm section: Doug Wimbish and Will Calhoun. Ive always rated Wimbush and he didn't disappoint. A great mix of powerful foundation, funky slap and pull, and weird whammy/delay (insert FX here) virtuosity.

The crowd seemed to love it...knew all the words etc. A great rock show with a jazz funk twist.

Reid had a complex rig....two Rectifiers, a Twin, a Kemper, a bunch of pedals and all run from a never sure what was making tones at any point. I think theres a run down somewhere.
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The Auckland gig was amazing too - right up until the venue shut them down (curfew) with 5 songs left to go on the set list! Even with that it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Last year was even better but mainly because the crowd was bigger and sang more.
Bg wrote:Our very own 'Smallface' - Dave's band supported them in Auckland :)

Got to be honest, it was a lot of fun, totally enjoyed the whole gig from go to whoa. Not sure if we were quite the right band for the occasion, but I'm not complaining. No time for a sound check, but we coped OK :-)
One thing I will rethink though. Hot lights, black suit and the heaviest P Bass I own. A sauna! :-)
Bg wrote:I need to drop that speaker off too you, I'm not using it since I went full Helix!

No worries, anytime. Maybe a post Chrissy beery catchup? I can see no harm! ;-)