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BY jeremyb
I used to be a massive fan of metallica in the 80's, would loved to have seen them then but I was merely a teenager :(
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BY Single coil
This is pretty much how I feel about slipknot... fandom for them dropped off about 10 years ago.
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BY willow13
Haven't seen Metallica live since the black album tour so might look at going .... will arrive late though to miss Slipknot :rofl:
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BY StratMatt
Going for sure. Mrs wants to see Metallica but will struggle through Slipknot. They put on a good show though for sure.
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BY Jim.h
Got my tickets. Love both bands. Seen both many times. Slipknot will steal the show for sure. Kirk hammett and lars has more than lost a step or two. Kirks solos are just cringe now. But Mrs has never seen them. Will be a good night.