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null_pointer wrote:Yeah message in a bottle is a mission. Actually lots of Andy Summers is hard, I reckon he did it deliberately to humble cover bands.


Three minutes of index and pinky agony. And that's just the prostate exam I had before attempting Message in a Bottle.
I pick up the bass when my old mate comes round to play shit like green day and police
Man, he can make the right chord shapes for message in a bottle, but they are fucked.
In my old band we had a song with some crazy stretches in it, I ended up making up a weird tuning for another guitar so I could play it :lol:
Message in a Bottle is killing me. The guitar is hard enough on it's own and then singing the damn thing as well? crazy. Another surprisingly hard song to play/sing is Mr Brightside by the Killers. Specific and odd chord shapes the whole way, and it's all riff - you never once strum a chord, Great song though.
some of the STP songs have some weird stretchy chords, Incubus also seem to like unusual jazz chords
Its amazing how some things just trip you up for years, I still can't play the opening clean guitar into to paradise city and get it sound as fluid and timed correctly, I think my nervousness makes me rush it or something,
Basket Case wrote:If you guys are struggling with Message in a Bottle (or Massage in a Brothel as I used to sing it), don't go near Every Breath You Take.

I liked the Mark & Lard version of the Oasis classic: Don't look at me wanger
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