Let us know where you are playing (and give us free tickets)

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BY WellyBlues
Not my thing but some of you might be interested:

http://www.ticketmaster.co.nz/The-Iron- ... ist/944715
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BY sty

misread that for a second and thought the boys were back in town...

Seriously planning on going to this though, they're playing the day after (or before) Darren is playing here as well so a full weekend of great music coming up if I'm lucky.
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BY hamo
I'm planning on going, all going to plan.
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BY sty
I must get my Awesome Random Samick Experience in gear and round up any friends and pick up tickets to the CHCH show.

I managed to buy tickets for Daren's show the night before but I haven't picked up Iron Maidens tickets or Jason Bonham's Led Zep thingy the following week.
Conway wrote:Ed's a big fan isn't he?

Lol but Ed moved to Australia...

...where they're also playing. But I don't have tickets, yet. In any case, I saw them 3-4 years ago when Nita Strauss was still playing with them.