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BY foal30
mrmofo wrote:Pedula next?

No. I have only played three, all very nice but probably not me. The 5 fretless Buzz was an amazing instrument but it had Alembic electronics not Bartolini

Tony's Rapture J was nice ... fast neck.

Neville was a member here from Auckland with a blue Tunderbolt 5. He had a XL2 before that.
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BY fosm
May I ask what you other basses are? And amp preference? Actually, curious about your pedals too!
BY foal30
Korg Pitchblack
Sadowsky Pre
Wounded Paw Attack Goat Fuzz
Boss PEQ
Boss BF2 Flanger
EBS IQ Envelope Filter
Diamond Bass Comp

Ashdown Klystron ABM 400
Ashdown CMT 300 valve

L2 Steinberger
MTD Grendel V
Tobias Growler
71 Jazz
89 Jazz fretless boner
76 Precision maple
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BY mrmofo
oh gawd, the bass nerds have united. couldn't think of two nicer people.

is that 3 basses in common?
BY foal30
fosm wrote:Hiya, That's my Steinberger XL-2 in the Duke clip. Got it in late 84. Serial number in the early 2000s. Has the plug in leg rest and silk-screened logo. A friend has a an L2 (I think) - it had a sticker logo and the faceplate attaches from the front. The serial number is pre-800.

Hi, we're you able to find out about ya friends Steinberger?